Free software (Part 2)

Free software and Software in Public Domain

Free software is different from software in public domain. The first, when used in combination with typical (as the licenses GPL and BSD) licenses, it guarantees the authorship of the desenvolvedor or organization. The second case happens when the years pass foreseen in the laws of each country of protection of the author's rights and east becomes very common. Nevertheless, a software in public domain can be considered as a free software.

Free software and Copyleft

Licenses as GPL contain an additional concept, known like Copyleft, that bases on the propagation of the rights. A free software without copyleft can be turned no-free for an user, case wants like this him/it. Already a free software protected by a license that offers copyleft, if distributed, it should be under the same license, in other words, reviewing the rights.
Associating the copyleft concepts and free software, programs and derived services of a free code obligatorily should stay with a free (the details of which you program, which services and which licenses are defined for the original license of the program) license. The user, however, it stays with the possibility of not to distribute the program and to maintain the modifications or services used for itself own.

Sale of Free Software

The licenses of free software allow them to be sold, but these in his/her great majority are available gratuitously.
Once the buyer of the free software is entitled to the four striped freedoms, he could redistribute this software gratuitously or for a smaller price than that that paid.
As example could mention Red Hat Enterprise Linux that is marketed by Red Hat, starting from him, several clones were created as CentOS that can be lowered gratuitously.
A lot of companies opt to distribute the same product on two or more licenses, usually one on a license copyleft and free like GPL and another on a license landlady and he/she pays. Another very common difference is that the versions pay usually accompany some type of additional service, as right to it supports technician, for instance.

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